Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) are commercial property consultants offering a full range of commercial property services and advice to both the private and public sectors.

They engaged Infomatrix with 3 main pain points :

  • Fee Forecasting
  • Valuations
  • Property Portal

The challenge / issues they were finding with these pain points were as follows :

  • All data outside the core system is managed by spreadsheet.
  • Updates & reporting between team members, management, departments & offices is via the spreadsheets and email.
  • Numerous macros and cell level formula have to be written and maintained – with formula being deleted regularly.
  • Separate spreadsheets need to be create to avoid the spread of sensitive data.
  • All property details are maintained in a core system to which customers had no access without specialist knowledge.

The points above give an idea of the size of the issue – which were far more in depth and far reaching than these summarized bullet points.


Infomatrix provided their OneView platform to provide a solution that cleared all issues and removed all pain points for LSH.

The plan was to provide applications within OneView to allow a centralised view of the data required for Fee Forecasting, Valuations & a Customer Web Portal.

A key part of the solution had to be that users could update specific areas of their data and that they only had access to the data they were allowed to view / update.

Executives also wanted to use the system and data available to measure performance on demand rather than the current requesting of spreadsheet data from their management teams.

The applications also had to integrate with the core system seamlessly and allow total I.T. independence – so they could concentrate on critical I.T. related work rather than producing data dumps & reports.


  • The solution was delivered in a matter of weeks.
  • It provided a completely unified & centralised view of the data.
  • Built as a browser based interface that is accessible from anywhere.
  • No need for desktop installations.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Slice & Dice functionality for the reportable data.
  • No extra hardware investment was required.
  • Improved data security.
  • Elimination of delays.
  • Allows faster management decision making.
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Improved customer satisfaction with data access & accurate reporting.

The full Case Study is available in PDF here : LSH Case Study

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