IPM+ delivers 50% energy savings for M.S. Ramiah Institute of Technology

Established in 1962, MSRIT is one of India’s finest engineering colleges with NBA Level A accreditation

  • Founded in 1962
  • One of India’s finest engineering colleges
  • 35,000+ engineering professionals since inception
  • One of the largest educational campuses located in Bangalore, India’s IT capital
  • Accredited at the highest level, Level A, by National Board of Accreditation of India

IPM+ Deployment

  • 1,000+ PCs and Laptops covered in Phase – 1
  • 50+ lab facilities and college administration covered in Phase – 1
  • Implemented on Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Go live in 15 days end-to-end
  • Phase – 2 deployment plans to cover nearly 3,000 systems

IPM+ power savings policies helped the institute cut energy consumption by 50% in 6 months

  • 14.79 MWh of electricity saved
  • 50% Reduction in energy consumed
  • 6.72 Tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced
  • 172 Trees Environmental impact equal to planting these many trees

Within minutes of installation, IPM+ helped create a comprehensive asset inventory of the institute

  • Automatic, real-time discovery of Hardware and Software assets helped the institute rapidly assimilate and analyze its IT inventory
  • Non-standard hardware configurations and software installations were identified for streamlining within an hour.

Grouping feature of IPM+ helped discover utilization and energy consumption patterns for IT optimization

  • IPM+ allows creation of groups of PCs as per business requirements. This helps in rapid diagnosis of energy consumption by function, location and various other attributes
  • IPM+ utilization reports provide powerful data for taking IT optimization decisions including Asset Upgrades and Asset Reuse

IPM+ helped MSRIT become the 1st Green IT Educational Campus in Bangalore!

Do you want to join the elite group? Become the first Green IT educational campus in your city with IPM+ !

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