Infomatrix’s ability to work with senior teams and proven inter-locking systems has established a framework for effective performance alignment – that is Intelligent Enterprise System (IES).

Our consulting model begins with an internal analysis and review to deliver the growth vision and embedding a common set of measurements to track operations, opportunities and improvements.

Whether the focus is tracking revenue/sales performance, elevating/accelerating business development or managing equipment/assets the IES dashboard is aligned to your business model and does not require any change to existing applications and/or finance/marketing/CRM systems.

Extremely user friendly the IES dashboard is accessed by all those involved in the Accountability, Communication and Delivery Systems and will drive early actions in performance improvement, client planning, business development and effective utilisation of equipment/asset management.

Our IES Solutions cover a wide range of industries & solutions, including :

  • Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • NHS Estate
  • Property

All of these solutions are facilitated by highly advanced and adaptive platform OneView.