Powerful global drivers for IPM+ adoption

The digital economy now accounts for over 10% of the worlds entire energy consumption and that is only set to increase.

4 Pointers to our market potential

  • 50% of the energy consumed by personal computers is wasted – ClimateSavers
  • Energy wasted in UK, US & Germany by PC’s costs $5 Billion every year
  • 322 TeraWattHours – energy consumed by Data Centres in 2012 – DataCenterDynamics
  • Energy wasted by Data Centres worldwide costs $50-55 Billion every year

Limitations of Traditional Power Management Approaches

  • Multiple Operating Systems ….. One Policy?
  • Does one policy suit everyone?
  • Power policy affects people’s work – intrusive!
  • Can you rely on individuals to achieve power savings?
  • Is it measurable, proven & certified?
  • Multiple form factors to address consistently?

A new approach to Power Management that works consistently across smart devices to data center servers – IPM+ IS A CLEAR WINNER!

  • IPM+ software enables Green Computing
    • Measures Energy Consumption
    • Delivers Energy Savings
    • Improves IT Asset Utilization
    • Reduces Carbon Footprint
    • Non-intrusive and easy to deploy
    • Scales to 100,000 PC environments

Top 10 reasons why enterprise customers choose IPM :

  1. Delivers consistent up to 50% energy savings
  2. Non-intrusive, multi-platform, multi-form factor
  3. Scalable to 100,000+ nodes across geographies
  4. Rapid Go-Live – A few hours for 10,000 nodes
  5. Enterprise console shows measurements and savings in real time
  6. Optimizes IT assets with actionable information
  7. Reduces carbon footprint, drives up sustainability index
  8. Approved for deployment & rebates by major US energy utilities
  9. Commercialized & customer / 3rd party independently validated
  10. Quantified results, true ROI, lowest TCO among all products


IPM+ delivers true ROI and actionable sustainability !

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